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From the District Administrator, Pat Sturzl
The end of the school year is upon us.  As with every school year, the time seems to go so fast for me.  The regular school year will be ending, but there always is activity here at school.  First, we will be having summer school again this June and in August.  The summer school program is a great opportunity for students to continue to learn during the summer months.  The summer school staff has many fun classes and activities for the students.  Look for the summer school information to be sent out in May.
As I look back at the school year, we have had many successes.  The Bruce School District significantly exceeded expectations.  We were the highest rated school district in the area and 17th in the entire state.  The Bruce Elementary was a school of recognition for the 3rd year in a row and the Bruce Middle School was a school of recognition for an incredible 12th year in a row.  Graduation for the class of 2017 will be on May 27th and another great group of students will be earning their high school diploma!
As I look forward, our 4K Jump Start program in August is very successful, so I encourage parents with 4-year old children to register for that session.  I already mentioned summer school.  Again, it is an exciting time for our students to learn in a different environment.  There is a change with the swimming lessons for this year only.  The pool at Ladysmith needs to have maintenance.  The maintenance will take place during July when we normally had swimming lessons.  Therefore, summer swimming lessons will be in June.  The swimming lessons will coincide with the June summer school dates here in Bruce.  The lessons will take place in the afternoon.  There will be bus transportation provided as in previous years. Keep an eye out for summer school information in May.  Don’t forget that during summer school there will be free breakfast and lunch for any child in our community under 18 years of age.
The governor’s proposed budget is beneficial to our school district.  Governor Walker has proposed an increases to Sparsity Aid and High Cost Transportation Aid.  The Bruce School District will see an increase in those revenues.  Also, the per pupil categorical aid increases will also be beneficial to our district.  The budget was designed to increase the funding of school districts and not increasing property taxes.  I encourage you to call your legislators and encourage them to support the governor’s budget.
There will be a change to the newsletter next year.  It will only be available on-line at the Bruce School website.  For those of you who like to receive the newsletter in the mail, we will have you call the office and submit your name and address.  We will then mail the printed newsletter to you.  We will have one more regular newsletter after this spring.  Then we will move toward the on-line newsletter.
The long-range plan was reviewed this spring.  One of the main topics in the plan is school and community relationships.  Any suggestions to develop more relations with the community and access to our facilities would be greatly appreciated.  Please call me at (715) 868-2533 with any suggestions. 
Thank you for your support this year and as always.  The Bruce School District is committed to the success of each student.  I hope the spring weather is as uplifting to you as it is to me.  I wish a wonderful summer to you as well.
Pat Sturzl

Contact: Pat Sturzl
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The Bruce School District strives to create a collaborative learning community focused on results promoting student success.
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