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Welcome to the Bruce School. We ask everyone in our district to strive to grow as individuals.  We aim to foster the development of responsible, knowledgeable citizens, in a student centered environment that requires a dedicated effort from students who come to school each day ready, willing, and motivated to learn. We will work to continually provide dynamic educational opportunities that meet the needs of all students in our ever changing world. We expect strong support from our dedicated and talented staff and caring community that will model lifelong learning that leads to a successful life.

The school year is progressing very fast as we just completed our  Third Quarter!  We had excellent results on our State Report Card with our District ranking #1 in all of Cesa 10 out of 30 schools.  We also ranked #1 in Rusk Cty and our MS ranked 11th in the state out of over 400 schools!  Way to go students and staff!  We are proud of you all!   A big thank you to our parents for their great support for their children's learning.  Our Elementary exceeding expectations, our MS significantly exceeded expectations, and our HS met few expectations.  We know we can improve on that and have already undertaken strategies to begin a plan to improve.  We have started a new ACT prep program and implemented strategies in our I Time to target areas to improve.  Our Juniors ACT scores have just come out and it looks like overall the class did quite well. Our freshmen and Sophomores will be taking the ACT Aspire tests the second week of April.

With our move to Standards Based Grading in the Elementary I hope parents are understanding the information and realizing it is much more specific and helpful in knowing where your student is strongest and where they have a weakness.  Our plan will be to move to this type of grading school wide over the next few years. 

We also are looking into implementing a major change for our school by moving to a Tri-mester schedule rather than our current two semester.  We have gathered much information and done considerable research as well as worked on a tentative 6 period schedule that would replace our current 8 period and increase class time from 44 minutes to 60 minutes.   Our next step is to schedule all of our students in the high school and that process has begun.  Our purpose is to increase teaching and learning time as we have done in the MS and if the results are similar it will be a most rewarding move for all.   Failing grades will decrease, academic achievement will increase and discpline referrals will decrease.  We will keep you posted.

We welcome your input for ways we can help serve you or make improvements here at school. Please contact me if you have suggestions. Let's all work together to have another great school year here at Bruce!

Mr. Larry Villiard-Principal

Contact: Larry Villiard
School Mission and Vision
The Bruce School District strives to create a collaborative learning community focused on results promoting student success.
The Bruce School District provides a student-centered environment with dynamic educational opportunities in an ever-changing world.
School Address
104 W. Washington Ave. Bruce, WI 54819