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Welcome to the Bruce School. We ask everyone in our district to strive to grow as individuals.  We aim to foster the development of responsible, knowledgeable citizens, in a student centered environment that requires a dedicated effort from students who come to school each day ready, willing, and motivated to learn. We will work to continually provide dynamic educational opportunities that meet the needs of all students in our ever changing world. We expect strong support from our dedicated and talented staff and caring community that will model lifelong learning that leads to a successful life.

The 2019-20 school year will officially begin four our students on Sept. 3rd and we welcome all students back for another year of high expectations.  We welcome our many new students and staff and wish them a great start here in our school.  Please help make all of our new students and staff feel welcome and help them get involved and make new friends as quickly as possible.

This will be an exciting school year as we begin our new Tri-mester format with a new bell schedule and longer class periods in the high school.  Our middle school core classes will still meet for 80 minutes and elementary classes will remain about the same as they have been.  All students will now only receive grade reports three times per year at the end of each tri-mester but we will also continue with progress grades near the mid point of each tri-mester.  

Our expectations for achievemenet will remain high as we hope for continued success in our core subject areas and our state assessments.  We will continue to strive to improve our ACT scores overall and our overall yearly attendance rate.  My goal is for the high school to finally crack the 95% attendance rate which would then put our overall school attendance rate close to 97 or 98% which would be outstanding.  It is a proven fact that maintaing great attendance at school leads to higher achievment.  We can do it!

We will continue to use our One Call Now phone message system and our school sign to give you important school information.  Please make sure we have your current phone numbers, especially your cell phone numbers, as the system seems to reach cell phones more conistently than land lines.  

We welcome your input for ways we can help serve you or make improvements here at school. Please contact me if you have suggestions. Let's all work together to have another great school year here at Bruce!

Mr. Larry Villiard-Principal

Contact: Larry Villiard
School Mission and Vision
The Bruce School District strives to create a collaborative learning community focused on results promoting student success.
The Bruce School District provides a student-centered environment with dynamic educational opportunities in an ever-changing world.
School Address
104 W. Washington Ave. Bruce, WI 54819