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Let The Season Begin!!!

Junior high tough losses on parents night 
6/7 16-25,12-25,3-15
8th 20-25,10-25,11-15
Last game @ OLS Thursday!
Good job Raiders

The 6/7th grade wins one and has best night of serving so far this season. 8th grade sweeps in 3 at  Birchwood. Keep up the great work. 

Middle school results against New Auburn,! 6/7th had some tough losses 25-7;25-6;15-7..... 8th grade sweeps 3 games at25-19; 25-13; 15-10.    
Hard  fought battles at Cornell tonight. Both teams lose in 3 all games were very close.

Middle school 6-7 graders win first Match of the year 2-3 and The 8th graders sweep OLS in 3.

6-7 th grade team played best games of the season at Holcombe win 1-3
8th graders won all 3 at Holcombe! 
Tough losses tonight against Flambeau:( 6&7th grade: 11-25;21-25;10-15...8th grade: 25-22 ,23-25,11-15..)

8th grade team wins 4 in Winter 25-19,25-20,25-10, 25-23. No 7th grade match.
good job ladies. 3 back row attacks and 15 kills .

Middle school Scores from match against Birchwood

6&7th grade team, 25-10,10-25,11-15
8th 25-13, 24-26, 10-15 
close games Ladies. 
Coach said you did awesome setting the ball up for 3 hits!! Keep working hard.


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