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smileyMay 2018
  We are reading a historical fiction novel entitled The Hope Chest. It is set in the early 1900's when the women's suffrage movement was taking place.  We have learned about Susan B. Anthony and are reading about how women's roles and society's perspectives of women's roles have changed in the last 100 years.  The reading strategies continue to be summarizing, discovering word meaning using the context of the text, and analyzing figurative language.  I continually find it amusing how language has changed just since my childhood.  For example, most of my students didn't know what a blouse was when I asked them.  We have interesting conversations.

Math:  We spent a lot of time learning about fractions and decimals.  We are currently in a geometry unit.  All the while, we continue to work on multiplication, division, and problem solving.

Language Arts:  The students are working on adding pictures (that I've taken of them during the year) to their journals and writing memoirs -not captions--for these. Our mentor text is Marshfield Dreams by Ralph Fletcher.  

Social Studies: We have read about slavery and how many slaves risked their lives escaping slavery using the Underground Railroad. Did you know that there is a building in Wisconsin that was an actual "station" (safe house for slaves)?  It is called the Milton House, and it is now a museum.  We have read about the Civil War and studied the problems that divided our country during that time and how President Lincoln fought to keep our country together.  Did you know  that the Republican Party was started in Wisconsin? The republicans held their meetings at an old school house in Ripon, WI.  It is a historical site now.

Contact: Renee Checkalski