Explore Grade Four!


smileyOctober 2018
Reading/ English: 
We finished our novel called Love that Dog. We will continue summarizing, noting details, and reading closely as we read biographies. Guided reading lessons included nonfiction stories in September along with writing paragraphs with topic sentences and supporting details. Guiding reading in October will start with fantasy stories with a comprehension focus on following a character’s events carefully in order to retell the story and write a summary. The students will also start using a computer program called KidBiz that will compliment our reading strategies while the students are engaged in new texts at their individual reading levels. We are finishing up our realistic fiction stories and typing those.

Math:  Our Math lessons  this month will be practicing multiplication using arrays and finding area of rectangles. We continue to work on solving story problems, rounding numbers for estimations, and adding and subtracting correctly. Most of the time, math work is done in class, but sometimes the students will have homework. It is always good to practice multiplication facts at home with flash cards or using an online review game. 
Social Studies 
We will discuss the 5 regions of WI along with the location of Rusk and Sawyer counties within the Northern Highland Region. We will also learn about climate and what affects our climate in Wisconsin. Some vocabulary include: conifer, deciduous, migration, habitat, elevation, hibernation, and the difference between weather and climate.

Contact: Renee Checkalski