Lakeland Conference Cross Country Race - Tuesday, Oct. 11, 2011

Randy wins the cross country conference race; Jordyn places 4th.
It was a beautiful day to compete in a cross country race. We headed to compete in the Lakeland Conference Race. This is the race that they train for. There were nine teams competing. There was a total of 120 runners in the race.

Congratulations to Randy Meisegeier as he becomes the first Bruce middle school boy to win a middle school cross country conference meet. He ran to an amazing finish. Jordyn Stearns placed 4th in the girls race. Both received medals.

Randy Meisegeier, 1st - 10:58
Colin Wessman, 30th - 13:22
Lucas Sturzl, 32nd - 13:37
Josh Kelley, 36th - 13:40
Ethan Hill, 40th - 14:27
William Venabels, 49th - 15:50
Quinn Wallace, 51st - 16:09
Walker Golubiff, 56th - 16:36
Evan Lindau, 58th - 17:10
Alex Rausch, 59th - 17:13

The boys team placed 5th.

Jordyn Stearns, 4th - 11:56
Karissa Stewart, 22nd - 13:27
Lauren Sturzl, 32nd, 14:21
Micaela Hopkins, 35th - 14:25
Jenisa Parker, 41st - 14:35
Kylee Kesan, 43rd - 14:40
Angela Hause, 44th - 14:49
Alyssa Anderson, 58th - 17:22

The girls team placed 5th.

Most Improved for the Season:
Girl - Jenisa Parker - 2:20
Boy - Alex Rausch - 3:25

There is no practice on Wednesday because of 1/2 day of school. We will have practice on Thursday and travel to Ladysmith to run along the trails by the Flambeau River. Afterwards, we will be going to Dairy Queen for a end of the year treat.

It has been an amazing season. All of the kids have done excellent by ending the season with huge amount of improvements from when they ran at Cameron the first time.

I will be losing some amazing eighth graders as they will be entering high school next year - Randy, Lucas, Colin, Walker, Jordyn, Karissa, Kylee, Angela and Alyssa. It has been a fun three years. For Randy, it has been four years; Angela, two years; Colin and Walker, one year; and for Jordyn, Lucas, Karissa and Kylee, three years. I will miss all of you. Thank you so much for working and running hard.