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Grade 2B Newsletter

Summer has flown by, and once again, it's time to think about school.  I am excited to welcome your children to my 2nd grade classroom! 
What can you expect this year? 
*A focus on respectful, responsible, and safe behaviors
*Ongoing reading assessments and a reading curriculum that meets the common core standards
*A fun science curriculum that encourages hands-on learning, scientific method, and journaling in their science notebooks
*A belief that mistakes should be learning opportunities.  Therefore, students will be encouraged to fix mistakes and ask for help when they don't understand a concept.
*Very little homework. (I do not normally assign homework, although you will be expected to practice spelling words at home).  Students who use their study time wisely should be able to get work done during class, and those who don't understand the lesson will get help from me during recess.
What do I expect this year?
*I will give each student a red and white school folder.  I expect students to bring this folder to school each day.  It is a great tool to help students stay organized and keeps both their desks and backpacks much neater!
*Students who read "just right" books at home for about 30 minutes per day.  Just right books are books that students understand and can read with at least 90% accuracy.  Books that are too hard will be frustrating and no fun at all, potentially causing children to dislike reading.  Yikes!  We don't want that to happen!
*Students who practice their basic math facts for 15 minutes per day until they have memorized them, starting with addition.  Playing games at home such as board games and card games will help your children become strategic and skillful math thinkers.
*Students who show up on time each day with a positive attitude and eagerness to put forth his/her best effort.  Learning and life should be a fun and challenging adventure!
Other news:
*Music and phy. ed. will be on alternating days, beginning with phy. ed. on the 1st day of school.  Art will be on Thursdays.
*I will be sending home Scholastic book orders once per month. It's extra time and work for me to put the orders together, but definitely worth the effort when I see the delighted faces of the students on the day that their books arrive!  It works best if you order online using our classroom code of HPMFK.  If this is not convenient for you, you may also send a check or cash to school along with your order form and I will take care of sending it to Scholastic.
Finally, I am really looking forward to teaching this new class of students!  Let's make this their best year yet!



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