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Strength and Conditioning

This class is designed to teach proper lifting techniques and training principles. The students will have an opportunity to use these techniques and principles during class. This class will cover weight room safety and proper spotting procedures, which will allow individuals to be better aware of how to act or participate in a weight room setting here or wherever they may go. Students may receive throughout the semester handouts or information on why strength training is thought of as a very effective way to maintain a strong and healthy way of life. During the semester we will use parts of the P90X program for some flexibility and conditioning aspects.

The lifting part of this class is self-paced and allows the students to choose from 3 different lifting programs. The three programs are the Bigger, Faster, Stronger Program; Dynamic Lifting Program; and the Body For Life Program. For athletes wetry to focus on either the BFS or Dynamic Lifting Programs. 

The Conditioning section of this class is intended to help individuals become well-rounded athletes or individuals. It is always important to have other avenues of physical fitness than just a lifting program. This part will consist of several different components: Agility Drills, Form Running Drills, Core Work, an  d Flexibility.

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