Homework is to be used as a practice and reinforcement tool. All homework sent home will have been previously taught in class.

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Students will be completing most their math during the school day. If they do not complete their homework practice sheet they will need to take it home.

It is really important for your child to master math facts. We work on them at school, but they need to work on them at home as well. Most dollar stores sell them at a reasonable price. Your child should practice with them 10 - 15 minutes per day.


Third graders are expected to read nightly.  Reading may include;
*reading quietly to their self
*reading aloud to someone else
*finding high frequency words in
books that are being read
*rereading well-known texts
*reading magazines/newspapers/etc.

Students should be working on their Reading Challenge.

 ( See information under 20 Book Challenge tab)


You should be seeing weekly list coming home. Students' words are based on a previous test they took to check where they are at. They will use these words for their word work activities. Each group of words will need to be sorted and written. This helps students notice a pattern in the words and not just memorize how to spell them. Please help your child review these words each evening. Test on Friday.


Social Studies

Students will be bringing homework home occasionally. They will also be assigned various projects to complete.

Science will be taught by Mr. Kearns.
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