Rules and requirements

-Must practice weekly – not showing up to weekly practice without prior conference with coach can have you removed immediately
-Must attend Sub-districts . Must receive 2 scores of 16 or higher to move on to….
-Districts. Must receive 2 scores of 20 or higher to move on to…
*note – Concessions are sold at these events, but your child will need their own funds. They are welcome to bring their own food.
-State in Madison. (and have ride home upon arrival to Bruce – around 1 p.m. Saturday).
Speech Categories:                                                                   Reading/Performance Categories:
Demonstration                                                                          Radio Speaking
Moments in History                                                                  Storytelling
Four Minute                                                                             Farrago
Oratory                                                                                    Poetry
Special Occasion                                                                      Prose
Public Address                                                                         Solo Acting
                                                                                                Group Interp
                                                                                                Play Acting
Appropriate dress and language is expected. Rules and rubrics for each category are available at
BEHAVIORAL EXPECTATIONS: At tournaments, I do not strictly supervise the students.  The kids who do forensics are almost uniformly good kids, and during the past nine years I have not seen any behavior that warranted punitive action.  At tournaments, any student caught with drugs or alcohol, or who is engaged in any dangerous or illegal behavior, will be removed from the team and his/her behavior will be reported to both parents and school officials. At State, parents would be called and immediate pick up from Madison would be expected. No bullying or other harassment is tolerated. Co-curricular expectations are enforced. Medical forms need to be on file.
Feel free to contact us at any time:; 868.2598 ext. 278;
Please sign this to acknowledge you know the requirements for your student to participate in Forensics.
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Contact: Mrs. Randall and Mrs. Eder