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Wisconsin School Boards are now required by Wisconsin Act 55 to annually publish, prior to January 31, a list of the educational options available to the children residing in the district.  We are also required to include the most recent performance category for accountability.  Visit the Bruce School District website ( to find a link to the full school performance report.

Educational Options Available to Children Enrolled in the Bruce School District:

Public Schools:
Elementary Schools:  Bruce Elementary School – Exceeds Expectations
Middle Schools:  Bruce Middle School – Exceeds Expectations
High Schools:  Bruce High School – Exceeds Expectations

Private Schools participating in Parental Choice Program:  None
Charter Schools:  None
Virtual Schools:  None
Full-Time Open Enrollment
Youth Options
Course Options
Options for Pupils Enrolled in Home-Based Private Educational Program:  Parents of Home-Based students may enter into a blended learning agreement with the Bruce School District to broaden opportunities for their children.  Please contact the Bruce School District Administrator for information.  All children in the State of Wisconsin that are eligible, based on the public school’s requirements, may participate in all extracurricular activities.  This may include participation in clubs, sports, or school sponsored activities.  Please contact the Bruce School Principal for more information regarding requirements.

School Mission and Vision
The Bruce School District strives to create a collaborative learning community focused on results promoting student growth.

The Bruce School District provides a student-centered environment with educational opportunities inspiring students to achieve their full potential.
School Address
104 W. Washington Ave. Bruce, WI 54819