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Summer fun in Cornucopia, WI
Welcome to Mrs. Ziperski's/Señora Z's webpage!
I was raised in Hayward, WI and have 4 siblings. With an avid sportsman as a father, I grew up to appreciate the beauty of the North Woods. Although I never pursued hunting, I have tried it as well as fishing but my "true north" is kayaking or canoeing on a lake or river, biking through beautiful country, sitting beside a fire under the stars lakeside and traveling. My husband and I travel extensively as does my eldest son. We are excited to be celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary this August with our three sons in the Amalfi coast, Italy.
Upon graduating from HHS I moved to Madison,WI and began college, but transferred to UW Milwaukee my second year. I received my degree in Spanish there as well as certification at Mount Mary College. I lived in Mexico for a semester but upon returning to WI, decided that I wanted to move back to San Luis Potosí and did so. The culture of Mexico fascinates me.
After living in New Berlin,WI for several years, and teaching at Kettle Moraine High School, we moved to New Auburn,WI in 1999 and began a new adventure: a hobby farm. We raised cattle, horses and chickens, we were a sanctuary for numerous cats and kittens and we rescued a dog we named Molly. She blessed us with 14 years of JOY.
I homeschooled my sons for 6 years, then worked for a print media company from my home as well as tried my hand at several other small businesses. I began subbing in 6 districts, taught for one year at Chippewa Falls High School and then re-certified after getting called to interview for the Spanish position at Bruce. Bruce has been an adventure and a joy. Staff and students are wonderful and I have learned as much as I hope my students are learning!  I appreciate the opportunity to work again, in a rural school, preparing children not just for future language endeavors but teaching life skills and character.
Thanks for visiting my page! I look forward to teaching and learning this year with all of my Spanish students.
I am so glad that they have decided to begin their language and culture journey!
Having studied and lived in Mexico, I look forward to sharing my love of language and learning with my students.
Please contact me at any time via email for any questions or concerns you may have. smiley

You may also call me at 715 868 2585, ext. 281


Contact: Denise Ziperski