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How It Works!

The 40 Book Challenge is open to ALL middle school students. See Mrs. Eder or Mrs. Schummer for details! Good luck and READ ON! :) 
  • For books to count towards the 40 Book Challenge, it cannot be a book that is read for class. The books must be read during the school months.
  • Each book must be 150 pages. Every 150 pages is considered a book (300 pages=2 books, etc.)
  • The only genres you can use smaller books to make up the 150 pages are Poetry and Informational.
  • In order for a book to count, they must complete a necessary activity: 1-pager or AR test with a score of 80% or higher.
  • Students should plan on having the 40 books completed by Tuesday, May 30.
  • The prize is TBD! 
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What Needs To Be Read

Poetry Anthologies (2 books)                                                                                               
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40 Book Challenge 1 Pager Option #1


Directions: Choose 3 of the following sentence starters and write a paragraph-long (5-7 sentences) reaction for each:


I noticed…            I wonder…            I was reminded of….        I think…

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40 Book Challenge 1 Pager Option #2


Directions: Select 3 quotes that you think are significant in your book. One should represent a moment of suspense (a moment where the reader feels anxious or uncertain about what will happen next), one should demonstrate foreshadowing (a moment where the author hints at something that is about to happen), and one should represent the theme (author’s message/central idea).  After each quote explain in a complete paragraph (5-7 sentences) why you selected it.

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40 Book Challenge 1 Pager Option #3


If the book had gone on one more chapter, what would have happened? Explain your answer in at least two paragraphs. Each paragraph should be 5-7 sentences...More Information

40 Book Challenge 1 Pager Option #4

Directions: Explain in detail why you gave the book the rating that you selected. Your answer should be at least one complete paragraph (5-7 Sentences). This should look similar to the back cover of a book. Explain what you liked/didn’t like, but do not give away the ending.

Summarize the book in detail. This should not have your opinion, only a summary of the entire book. Your summary should be at least a paragraph (5-7 sentences). ..More Information


40 Book Challenge 1 Pager Option #5


Directions: On a blank piece of paper (may be any color) using colored pencils, pens or markers, include ALL of the following:


1. The title

2. A visual (may be drawn, cut out from a magazine/newspaper, or printed from a computer)

3. 2 Words that express the theme of the book

4. 2 Quotes that are significant to the book as a whole

5. A 3-sentence personal connection to something in the book

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