Spanish One

Spanish One students will learn the foundational grammatical structures of the language (themed vocabulary, present tense, number and gender, adjective placement, ser and estar as well as study the culture of Latin America.) Students will keep up with Current Events via Qué Tal magazine and learn various vocabulary and dialects through the online mystery Mi Vida Loca. Students begin to write descriptive essays at this level about a variety of topics: personal life, family, interests. Spanish One students view the movie Selena which is the true story of a Mexican pop star that crossed over to the US pop scene before a tragic death at a very young age. One very important objective in Spanish One is to break the fear barrier of public speaking in Spanish as well as in English and a variety of methods are employed this year to allow the students to become accustomed to doing so. 
Lesson Plans are shared with the students the Thursday or Friday before the new week starts so that they know what is expected of them.