Spanish Two

Spanish Two students build on previous knowledge of the basic structures of Spanish: number, gender, adjective agreement and word order as well as SER vs ESTAR. This year they add much vocabulary to their knowledge base, begin to converse more in the target language, learn past tense, imperfect tense, future tense, stem changing verbs, reflexive verbs (so that the students can discuss their daily routines)  and learn direct and indirect object meanings and placement. They read and discuss a variety of authentic materials including poetry, learn about Mexican culture and celebrations (Día de los Muertos, Las Posadas and Cinco de mayo) listen to native speakers through an online series entitled Destinos, research el Perú before reading a mini novel: Los Bakers Van a Perú and read, converse and complete activities with Primeras Lecturas. Students also explore Cuba and the poetry of José Martí. Spanish Two students view the movie: Bella, which explores the option of adoption and Spanish Two students write an opinion essay about that theme.
Lesson plans are shared through Office 365 the Thursday or Friday before the coming week.