Spanish Three is the year that all the grammar study pays off! We review many tenses but few are taught as we have covered most of them in Spanish One and Spanish Two. We do cover subjunctive which is a mood and the perfect tenses. Conversation on  a daily basis is required and oral on the spot quizzes are frequent. Spanish Three covers two text books, Spanish For Mastery and the comprehensive grammar book: Spanish Three Years. We are reading a short story entitled: Escenas Mexicanas and discussing the plot which utilizes colloquial, idiomatic conversational Spanish of Mexico. Spanish Three students are required to write in Spanish in a variety of formats. Costa Rica is researched before reading the mini novel: Dónde Está Eduardo. We also read another mini novel: El Viaje Perdido which takes place in Puerto Rico.
Spanish Three students also write their own children's book, using the "If  you give a Mouse a Cookie format/style. Spanish Three and Four students view the movie: Bajo la Misma Luna, en  Spanish which addresses the issue of illegal immigration and write an opinion essay about that theme. Spanish Three students continue with the Destinos series and their final is in form of a paper, where almost all tenses are covered. 
Lesson plans are shared in Office via One  Drive the Thursday or Friday before the coming week.