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Philosophy of Art Education - Ms. Monica C. Nohr

My name is Ms. Nohr and I am the K-12 Art Teacher.  My art classes are structured around Wisconsin's Model Academic Standards for Art and Design Education, as well as the Elements and Principles of Design.  The state standards are framed by the concepts of Knowing, Doing, Communicating, Thinking, Understanding, and Creating.  I interpret Knowing as developing a visual memory and knowledge of art techniques and vocabulary.  Doing is creating artwork  I feel that Communicating means using art as a form of expression, or using art to add visual elements to information and media.  I believe that Thinking about art should include visual thinking, developing opinions about the art of others, and reflecting on one's own artwork.  I feel that Understanding should involve helping students discover what creating art can do for them, what art's role in society is - now and in the past, how art varies from culture to culture, and what they can do to continue growing as artists.  Finally, I believe that Creating is making connections between the concepts mentioned above, combined with creativity & imagination, to create art.

The Elements of Design are Line, Shape, Form, Color, Value, Texture, and Space.  The Principles of Design are Pattern, Movement, Proportion, Balance, Unity, and Emphasis.  I believe it is my role as an educator to help students understand the above Elements and Principles of Design, and to help them discover how to use them to create the most visually interesting artwork they can. I also believe that students need to be exposed to a wide range of media, techniques, and styles of art, since not all students learn or create the same way, or have the same interests.  Helping students develop and improve craftsmanship, which is how neatly artwork is done, is also important to me.

I am from Manawa in Waupaca County, WI.  In 2001, I received a Bachelor's Degree in Art Education preK-Grade 12 at Cardinal Stritch University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  While in college, I worked for professional artists in Milwaukee as their studio assistant.  Then I taught art to grades 7-12 for two years in Suring, WI before moving to Scranton, PA for graduate school.  I received a Master of Fine Arts degree from Marywood University there in 2006, then returned to Wisconsin.  During the past ten years I have taught art to all grade levels both as a substitute and as a contracted teacher, most recently in Racine and Kenosha, WI.  When I am not in school I enjoy creating sculptures, making things out of leather, sewing costumes, hiking, and reading.


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